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Phase 1- Broward County, Florida

Race remains an important indicator of well being in US society. When other factors that are cited as the probable reasons for health or social problems (e.g., income, education, parent involvement, access to health insurance, etc.) are controlled for by statistical analyses, race remains an important, independent predictor of health, social, education, criminal justice and other outcomes.

The Racial Equity Training, delivered by the Racial Equity Institute, LLC is designed to build the capacity of educators, health practitioners, child welfare advocates, judicial representatives, other professionals and those persons who are interested in understanding and eliminating racial inequities and disparities within our society. This workshop is important for people who want to dismantle racism. It has often been said, β€œAn organized lie is more powerful than a disorganized truth.” This workshop provides an analysis that helps participants gain clarity about how racism is well organized and at work in our institutional practices.

For registration information contact Suzanne Bundy