REI Services


1. What is Racial Equity Institute (REI)? What services does REI provide?

REI is a Black-owned business comprised of a multiracial team of organizers and trainers who are committed to the work of anti-racism transformation. Our training and consulting programs are designed to help individuals, organizations, and communities grow their understanding and analysis of structural racism and its cultural and historic roots. With committed work, over time, we believe that organizations can develop the consciousness and tools necessary to challenge patterns of power and to grow equity.


2.  Where and how are REI workshops scheduled?

It is important to know that REI does not organize and host our own workshops. We do not recruit or register workshop participants.  We only train in places where we have been invited. This means we always conduct workshops in partnership with organizations and communities that want this training, and decide they want to organize and host a workshop for a defined constituency.  The constituency can be a workplace, a foundation, a faith-based organization, a civic organization, any kind of organization or community.  Any group can organize and host an REI workshop anywhere! We conduct many workshops a day, all over the country.  The workshops posted on our website are only those that are open to the public.

3.  Whom do I contact if I want more information on REI services and how to organize to bring training to my group?

Wanda Hunter, our lead organizer, can be reached via email at You may also text or call 919-536-9224.


Hosting an REI Training or Workshop

4.  What do I need to do first if I am interested in hosting a training?

You can schedule a workshop with us through our online scheduling software.  It will ask you to first read our Guide to Hosting an REI Workshop, which describes the workshop itself, the fees for service , and your responsibility in serving as the host organization.  It is really important that you read this document before scheduling. It describes what’s involved in hosting a Phase I Workshop and Groundwater Approach training. These are the most common entry points in REI’s training program. It also describes our Latinx Challenges in Racial Equity and our Youth Workshop that is targeted for high school-aged students.  If you have never hosted a workshop before and have any questions about our training program or the logistics of hosting, our staff is more than happy to schedule a phone call with you. Please contact Wanda Hunter, our Lead Organizer for questions about organizing, our overall training/consulting program, and training content ( Please contact Megan Hayes-Bell, our Logistics Coordinator, for questions about scheduling, contracts, trainers, travel, and invoicing at (336) 362-3533 or via email at

5.  What happens after I submit a request?

You will instantly receive a notification of receipt of your request via email upon successful submission using our BOOK NOW link. An email confirmation, either accepting or rejecting your request, will be sent within ten business days. If we need additional information from you, we will contact you. If we have everything we need from you in your submitted request, you will receive a reminder two weeks prior to your service to review the hosting guide for all of our set-up requirements and equipment needs. Should you need anything from us after being confirmed, please feel free to contact Megan Hayes-Bell at (336) 362-3533 or via email at

6.  Does REI require a contract?

Submission and confirmation of a requested service serves as our agreement to the terms outlined in our hosting guide. It is important that you read the hosting guide before booking a service.  If your group requires an additional contract we are happy to work with you on that. Please contact Megan Hayes-Bell at  or (336) 362-3533.

7.  What are the qualifications and characteristics of REI trainers?

Currently REI has more than 25 trainers who work together to bring our workshops to clients around the country. We are a multiracial, multi-ethnic, multi-generational team with extensive backgrounds working in a variety of fields and institutional sectors including education, public health, medicine, law enforcement, psychology, social services, non-profits, business, agriculture and economic development.  All of our trainers undergo training and engage in continual study and professional development in support of the analytical framework that we teach.

8.  May I request particular trainers for my service? (anything about sending a multiracial team? For some clients, this is important. Can they ask for it?)

If it is important to your group to have a particular trainer or a particular type of trainer or training team, please describe in detail in the special request section of the on-line appointment request form. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your request, but we will certainly try. You will be notified if we can or cannot accommodate your trainer request when we confirm your appointment.  

9.  When will I know who my assigned trainers are?

You will be assigned a training team about 2-3 weeks prior to your service. A list of your trainers will be sent as a notification as soon as they are confirmed to your email provided on your submitted request. 

10.  When will I hear from our trainers?

Clients typically communicate with the trainers through Megan Hayes-Bell or in the notes section of the request. A call with someone from you training team can be scheduled prior to your service, upon request.

11.  How are travel and lodging accommodations confirmed?

REI will book all travel and lodging arrangements for every trainer, as outlined in our hosting guide. The travel arrangements for the trainers are not typically disclosed to the clients; however, we can upon request. Should the client want or have to make travel arrangements, please indicate that in the special instructions/ notes section of the request and someone will contact you directly.

12.  What should I expect in terms of invoicing and payment?

Our invoice covering fee for service plus travel expenses is typically sent within two weeks of service. Payment is due within 30 days of receiving an invoice from REI unless indicated otherwise in a separate contract. Payments may be submitted on-line.  Invoices are sent after services have ended but can be sent sooner upon request.

13.   Does REI have a cancellation policy?

We require 14 days notice prior to your scheduled service.  If you cancel two weeks or less before we are scheduled for your workshop, you will be asked to pay any expenses that have already been incurred. Exceptions may apply.  Please contact Megan Hayes-Bell  with any questions about cancellation.

14.  Does REI provide certificates of participation?

REI does not host or register participants for workshops. Therefore, we do not supply certificates of participation. Usually this kind of documentation of participation can be obtained directly from the workshop host, upon request.

15.   Do you provide continuing education credits?

The requirements for CEUs vary by profession. Again, because we are not registering or documenting participation in workshops, we are not typically involved in documenting training for CEUs. This is something to inquire about with your hosting organization.

REI Support Services

16.  What materials will I receive after a workshop?

REI has workbooks to accompany most of our workshops.  The exception is the Groundwater Approach training, after which we make available an abbreviated slide deck from the slide deck. We also refer people to the Groundwater Approach report paper that is available on our website (see Resources).  If you have not received your post-workshop materials, please check your spam/junk mailboxes first., because they sometimes land there. If still missing, please contact your local organizer.

17.    What type of consulting services does REI provide?

REI provides consulting services only to groups that have participated in our training programs. This is because our consulting services are predicated on the analytical framework that we teach. Consulting services usually follow Phase 2 training and are sometimes referred to as Phase 3, “Racial Equity Organizational Development.”  These services are especially designed for groups that have demonstrated ongoing commitment to examining racial equity in their own organizations or communities. We can bring tools and coaching to support you in your work.

18.   May I request an REI team member as a speaker for my event?

We are able to provide speakers for your conference or event, if our schedule permits. Honoraria apply.

19.  Does REI assist with personal experiences of racism or racial incidents within an organization?

No. We are a racial equity training and consulting firm. We do not troubleshoot, problem-solve or consult on particular racial incidents.

20.  What do I do if I am interested in working with REI?

REI trainers are often recruited from past workshop participants who have been especially involved in supporting anti-racism organizing in their own institution or community.   If you are interested in joining our team, feel free to signal your interest to a workshop trainer.   You should also contact Megan Hayes-Bell via email at with a CV and statement of interest.